The Outside In is a free monthly offering that comes out every full moon and combines amateur botanizing & deep noticing with personal stories & thinkings.

Each issue contains one to three entries about my encounters with different plants as a middle-aged hobbled writer who lives with her beloved in the “owner’s suite” of an old mansion on a 0.7-acre idyllic city property where many things grow.

Each entry is accompanied by a specimen from my herbarium (a library of dried plant specimens) because I am now a person who has a herbarium (I’ve also taken up birdwatching, but that’s another story).

Hi, I’m Jill Margo (she/her).

Some of you know me from previous newsletters, The Jill Margo Mini-Mag and Over Here. Others know me from my work at The Creative Good where I help creators who’ve been most impacted by patriarchy—and other oppressive systems—be in practice, season by season, in a liberatory, generative, and sustainable way.

My writing (back when I was sending it out) has been published in magazines like The Walrus and Geist and has been longlisted for the CBC Canada Writes Creative Nonfiction Prize and shortlisted for both a Western Magazine Award and The Malahat Review Long Poem Prize.

With the support of a BC Arts Council grant, I'm currently working on a book tentatively titled Homebody. It's from my perspective as a lifelong renter who only recently entered the middleclass, and who lives with chronic illness/pain. I'm exploring ideas around home and bodies and what it means to live well within those two containers while still having to grapple with limitations.

Botanically-speaking, I consistently tend, grow, pick, and press flora for my herbarium, as well as large floral compositions (like the one below). I’m also working on a Pressed Flora Moon Calendar for 2023. Soon, I will have giclée prints of my work available in my online shop.


Pop in your email address below if you want in. I promise I won’t share your email with anyone or “put it on a porn site”, which seems to be my father’s fear.

I’d be grateful if you also helped spread the word. As our old plumber said, “If ya like me, tell yer friends, if you don’t, tell yer enemies!” Just kidding. I bet your enemies are my enemies too.

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